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Leisure Travel Groups
Receive a complimentary subscription to Leisure Group Travel. This offer is valid for qualified bank travel clubs, group leaders, religious groups, tour operators and travel agencies that are currently promoting groups.

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Student Travel Planning Guide
Student Travel Planning Guide offers how-to advice for student travel planners and directory resources for planning your next student group trip or event

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Sports Planning Guide & Directory
Sports Planning Guide & Directory – 70-pages of columns, articles and directory resources designed to help you plan your next tournament or event.

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Discover the positive impact that organized group travel can have on your church. From pilgrimages to retreats to fellowship cruises, Religious Travel Planning guide helps church groups get organized and run better trips!

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Reunions Magazine
From High School reunions to Black Family Reunions, Reunions Magazine covers it all. Plenty of ideas for fun, games and activities along with lots of money saving tips. A large directory of family friendly hotels and resorts. 1 and 2-yr Subscription price includes Reunions Workbook & Catalog.

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