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In the not-so-distant past, it was normal for a person to grow up around the corner from grandparents, aunts, uncles and numerous cousins. He or she would attend a local school, seek work in the area and even settle down with their school sweetheart. Weddings would take place nearby and the reception would be held at a favourite family restaurant within a short commute of friends and family alike.

While this certainly still exists today, it's much more likely that your friends and family will be living further afield. With this in mind, as you plan each aspect of your wedding experience, take a moment to recognise the special effort made by those guests who will be flying in or coming a long way by train or car to celebrate with you. Here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect 'thank-you', without breaking the bank.

The first thing to consider is reserving rooms at a local hotel for your out-of-town guests. Imagine the disappointment when your wedding guests try to reserve a hotel room a few months before the wedding, only to discover that all the rooms in town cost hundreds a night – or even worse – that there are no vacancies because of a large conference, concert, or major sporting event.

Hotel arrangements for your wedding

As a key bit of advice, reserve a block of rooms for your guests at special rates at one or two select hotels with plenty of time before the big event. At most hotels, and as a general rule, the minimum number of guests rooms required to make a block booking is 10 rooms per night. If, however, you are holding the reception at the hotel or using any event space that number may be flexible. If you are looking for over 30 rooms per night, another good idea is to split the group blocks among two to three hotels. This way your guests can have a choice between different locations and prices. ( Whatever you do to set up these hotel block bookings, don't waste your time blindly calling hotels in your area. You will not be doing your guests any favours by reserving block bookings at the first rates the hotel quotes you. The first step is to see what rates are out there on the internet and the best source for accomplishing this is

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Using HotelPlanner

The best thing about HotelPlanner’s system is that it is free and easy to use. All you need to do is name your location and dates and will do the rest. If you were thinking of having your event away from home, it will allow you to search hotel group rates in multiple cities at the same time. They will also assign an account representative to you. This representative will help make sure your hotel deals are not only the best, but they will help with the reservation process too.

The reservation process is very important because even if the room rate is very low, the deal may include a very strict cancellation policy, a high cash deposit or other hidden costs such as mandatory local resort fees.

Your account representative will be a great help through these and all of other considerations you may encounter. After choosing your hotel, the account representative will set up a special online booking website just for your guests. This will help you keep track of your guests as they confirm with your hotel. Again, all these services are free of charge. Don’t keep your finger hovering over the button - start planning your wedding today.