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Military Reunion Hotels

Military Reunion Hotels

First Rule for Planning your Military Reunion

Organizing a military group reunion can be more challenging than organizing a military strike. At least with the latter you have the technological support to carry out the impossible. Or so you might think. In fact, with some advance planning and the free use of internet technology services like Hotel Planner, your military reunion will be a great experience and a wonderful time for everyone. Yes, you will need to coordinate all your friends who will arrive by planes, trains, and automobiles from all over the world. No, you will not need to cold call every hotel in town and try and find a good deal. With the use of Hotel Planner, a free service, here are some ideas to help you find the perfect reunion location and hotel accommodations.

Hotel Arrangements for your Military Group Reunion

Always remember: advance preparation will be the ultimate key to your success. Unless attendance to your event spells mandatory, you need to pick the perfect location. Hotel Planner’s technology suits this task perfectly. It allows you to search multiple reunion locations at the same time. You want to find a reunion location that is central so that every member of your reunion has an easy time getting there. You also want to make sure the location has enough attractions and things to do. After all, you want everyone excited about the trip.
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Don't call hotels blindly

The worst thing to do (or best way to sabotage yourself) is to try calling hotels blindly. Often, you will advance all this effort only to find out that all the rooms in town are going for exorbitant prices. Sometimes, they may be as much as $500 per room per night. Other times, all the rooms in town have been taken by a large convention or citywide event. To make sure your event goes smoothly, you must make sure you do the right planning. Hotel Planner is the ideal tool to accomplish your goal on all levels. It will help you both research and reserve a block of rooms for your Military Reunion as well as get you special rates at the most perfect location. ( The reservation process is very important because even if the room rate is very low, the deal may include a very strict cancellation policy, a high cash deposit, or other hidden costs such as mandatory resort fees. Your Account Representative will be more than happy to assist you through these and all of the other issues you may encounter. After choosing your hotel, your representative will set up a special online booking website just for your military reunion. This will help you keep track of your military reunion members as they confirm with your hotel. And how much will this all cost you? Nothing. The entire process is free of charge.