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    Find Meeting Space, Search for Banquet Hall Rentals

    Use the search box above to find hotel meeting spaces, banquet hall pricing and book function spaces. There are also advanced search options to allow you to filter results by price (luxury hotels vs cheap hotels) and star rating. Use the hotel map feature to view the hotels on a map along with the space rates.

    Planning a wedding, reunion or other special event?

    Are you coordinating a wedding, family reunion, sports tournament awards banquet, incentive trip hospitality area, or other special event? Our meeting space portal will enable you to explore the possibilities at over 50,000 hotels and venues worldwide. We are confident you will find the ideal fit for your function, whatever it may be. By filling in the fields above, your event specifications will be sent to all of our hotel and venue partners in your selected location(s) (up to eight destinations may be searched at one time) and they will respond with offers and availability for your event. You are able to use "Advanced Filters" to view your responses sorted by price or star rating of the hotel or venue. By clicking the "Hotel Map" tab, you can compare the distance of your potential event sites to any other locations you may be visiting over those dates (ie fields for sports tournaments, churches for weddings, and parks). for family reunions).

    Oftentimes there will be a charge for the use of space for your event called "meeting room/function space rental". This rental charge can sometimes be negotiated depending upon food and beverage, audiovisual, and/or guestroom guarantees. For instance, if you are searching a venue for a wedding, the space utilized for the ceremony and wedding dinner may be discounted or provided complimentary depending upon the amount of food and beverage spend contracted. If you have your sights set on a particular hotel or venue, being flexible with your dates can help them find a spot in their function book to give you the space that you want.

    Factor in local taxes and fees

    Be sure to also leave room in your budget for applicable taxes and fees. Such additional charges can apply to space rental, food and beverage, audiovisual, guestrooms, and other services. Taxes will vary by geographic location. Service charges are very common, as they relate to the people who set-up, serve, and execute the event. When reviewing banquet menus, the pricing is often listed as "exclusive", meaning exclusive of tax and service. Prices will often be described as x amount per person, "plus plus"; or plus tax, plus service (meal price x multiplied by 1.percentage of tax multiplied by 1.percentage of service).

    It is not possible to anticipate all taxes, fees, and charges on a grand scale as they vary by hotel/venue and event specifics. When you begin corresponding with the hotels and venues which interest you for your event, be sure to have them outline any and all taxes, fees, and charges. Viewing a total price will not only make you more comfortable that there won't be any surprises on your bill, but will also be helpful when deciding between options.

    How will I feed my guests?

    In regards to a social event, especially if this is your first time planning something of this magnitude, there can be a lot of questions. You may wonder what food to order, and how much? If beverages will be served, should you offer a hosted bar, pay on consumption, or implement drink tickets? What time of day do you want the event to start? What is the parking situation: does the location offer self-parking, valet parking, both, and what are the costs? You may not foresee needing audiovisual, but it can be a nice, memorable touch for social events to play videos and slideshows of those being honored or create a visual recap over a period of time with accompanying music. If you have a budget in mind, many venues can alter/customize their menus and services to help align themselves with your financial needs. Your contact at each venue should be able to guide and help you through this entire process, making it a fun and enjoyable experience with a gratifying and memorable outcome.

    Your assigned hotel catering contact

    To meet your contact, refer to your account for incoming responses from interested hotels and venues. When you receive an offer that interests you, click the "accept bid" button and contact information is exchanged. You will oftentimes be corresponding with a Catering or Event Manager. This is the person who will see you through your special event.

    Our clients are entitled to exceptional service and wonderful memories. If you have questions, need advice, or have feedback about any phase of your event planning process please contact us. We look forward to making your event a success.

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