Friends Reward Program

Referring friends is easy.

Earn Up to $250

Follow the simple steps below to send your friends, family, and colleagues an email introducing them to our group travel website. Your friends and colleagues will then get access to our guaranteed best group hotel rates online and you will be given credit when they use our services to plan their next big event. Once the group checks out of the hotel we will send you a check for the successful group referral according to the Referral Schedule.

Referral Schedule

  • 5-9 rooms per night $10
  • 10-19 rooms per night $25
  • 20-29 rooms per night $50
  • 30-39 rooms per night $100
  • 40-49 rooms per night $150
  • 50 rooms per night $250
1. Enter your information
2. Refer up to 5 friends
Terms and Conditions
* Only one referral credit can be given per group. ** The group must successfully check out of the hotel. *** In order to receive payment of the referral credit, your referral must post the event by clicking on the link provided in the referral email. **** The referred friend, family or colleague can not already be a member of or any other privately labeled website of Lexyl Travel Technologies, Inc. ***** Referral payment values are based on actualized rooms, which are verified with the hotel at time of check out.